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Monday, February 20, 2006


Finally, the almighty government, psychiatric industry and world in general admits: "there are some kids we just can't fix."

Yeah. We all knew that. We all suspected that. But why is it taking this long to agree on it?

Because no one wants to admit it, for some stupid reason. We're all for giving a million freedom rights to psychos, killers, rapists, child molesters and thugs, unashamedly hindering the freedom of law-abiding, life-respecting, productive, legitimate (read: in this country legaling and supporting it with tax dollars) ordinary citizens.

We give thugs their guns. We subsidize the lunatic ravings of drug addicted drains on society and call it "art". We turn a blind eye to young killers and rapists, saying simply they're "victims of abuse".


The brat in this murder story above annihiliated his entire family and blamed it on abuse that started when he was 18 mos old. Um, who remembers that? BS. Period. If we remembered everything that happened when we were toddlers, we would be unable to function. We'd be scared of walking, of eating, of pooping (ever changed a diaper of a kid on iron enriched formula?!).

Ridiculous. Without merit. Kids in orphanages across the world live in substandard environments, subject to extreme bullying, neglect and hardship, yet THEY TURN OUT FINE. Most adopted kids from institutions are developmentally delayed, yes, but mentally, add a little love, affection, food, and THEY TURN OUT FINE. Why? Because in those institutions, they learn to obey the rules. Smart kids.

Why don't American kids learn this? Because when they don't work hard at schoolwork- they get diagnosed with a "learning disability". Newsflash: Nobody learns the same. We're all different. That's why generally homeschooling works and generally public education sucks.

So this little punk got busted. And no amount of psychiatric "counseling" or "behavior modification classes" or "psychotropic drugs" will fix it. He is officially unable to be rehabilitated.

At least we agree on something. Let's stick him in an underground prison making clothes for underpriveleged kids til infinity and beyond. That's about the only way his life will ever be productive for society.

Sounds like a plan to me.


Ever heard people say "this world's a lot crazier than it was when I was young" (generally uttered by a geriatric, although possibly a baby boomer might be able to insert it into general conversation).

Do you agree? I do. 100 years ago, we institutionalized the wackos. We made them take their meds. It wasn't a "free choice" option, since we all had the common sense to understand this formula: crazy person + meds + controlled environment= safety for general population.

New formula for 2006: crazy person +/- meds - controlled environment = less intelligent and discerning voting population also dependent on gov't assistance (ie- votes for the democrats!) + major danger to children/elderly/sleeping homeowners/innocent bystanders.

Hence, we now have those same wish-they-were-institutionalized-wackos freely moving in society, and often voted the leaders of major cities (Nagin in N'awlins, Herenton in Memphis, the entire Ford Family in Memphis (have you read their newspaper???) the leader of the Branch Davidians cult in Waco TX-can't remember his name, and so forth)

So what do we do about it? Dunno.

Let's start with this: can't support yourself? Get a gov't check for 18 mos. Still can't? Sign up to work a gov't farm in OK or another square state, to help feed hungry kids.

Dependent on prescription drugs? You can only have them if you agree to live in a looney bin, where we can keep an eye on you.

Don't want to comply? Get locked up when you commit a crime. Stay in jail. Forever. No parole. No time off for good behavior.

One suggestion: Maybe this time we should avoid the whole electric shock treatment theory. Kind of scary. Like the electrician that works here at my office- keeps talking about "getting hit" but assures me he's "just fine."

I'm not so sure.

Let's hear it for this new mantra: Stricter Laws. Enforced punishments. No "crazy pleas."

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. 2 strikes- you're out.

Disclaimer: All wackos innocent until proven crazy. All opinions expressed in this ranting are simply that- opinions. They have no legal bearing on any current or future court cases. I think a lot of people are nuts. I would apologize, but they keep proving me right.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Nothing Precious Left

I'm posting 2 days in a row, which shows amazing self-discipline. Actually, I was just horrified by this story.

Summary: Zimbabwe's gutters are overflowing because they're jammed with corpses of dead babies and fetuses. To quote the Town Clerk Nomutsa Chideya "Apart from upsetting the normal flow of waste, it is not right from a moral standpoint. Some of the things that are happening now are shocking."

Ya think?!?

Everyone that knows me knows my "cause": children's rights. If you've had the misfortune of talking to me/emailing me/running into me in a gas station, you've probably heard my story: 100's of 1000's of babies (girls & those with disabilities) abandoned in the streets each year in China. Over 800,000 children in Russia/former USSR republics abandoned to institutions. Children with cleft palates, club feet, crossed eyes left to die because they're ruled "unteachable" and put in mental institutions worldwide. Guatemala children living in the garbage dumps. Children all over the world in various countries shuttled from foster care home to group home, lost in a sea of paperwork.

And then you have the ones that are being flushed down the toilets. Yes, flushed down the toilets. (See the article above).

I respect China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Colombia, Korea, and the Ukraine, as well as a few others, for their efforts. Their nations are not wealthy, cost of living is enormous, wages are low, the people cannot care for their children, so the state steps in. They do the best for what they have. And in all truth, those children seem to do ok if they are eventually adopted (few bonding issues, health probs, etc).

As opposed to America's little brats. Spoiled to TV/Computer games/playstation/Jerry Springer- they don't bond with anyone. They're out to get as much as they can and if you even think about telling them no, be prepared for DCS to show up. They're violent (thank you tv/movies), greedy (USA in general), undisciplined (duh), and know they have a free ride forever, if needed (thank you idiots in the gov't who created welfare!)

Whereas in Russia, at age 16, if you're an orphan, you're on your own. You figure out how to survive, they simply give you a change of clothes, $100 and best wishes (About 15,000 children leave Russian orphanages each year, once they are 16 to 18 years old. Of these, 5,000 are unemployed, some 6,000 are homeless, around 3,000 resort to crime, approximately 1,500 commit suicide, and roughly half the girls are forced into prostitution. There were over 700,000 orphans in Russia in 2000. After leaving their orphanages:
50% - fall into a high-risk category
40% - become drug users
40% - commit crimes
10% - commit suicide
(From The CoMission for Children at Risk, 2002, & Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, 2000., courtesy of

Its tragic when a child doesn't have parents. I wish I could change it. I wish I could fix it. I can't.

But its inhumane, ridiculous and unbelievable that in 2006, where we can buy scooters that float above the sidewalk, genetically engineered corn, and replacement synthetic body parts, that people should be FLUSHING THEIR CHILDREN DOWN THE POTTY!!!!!!

This world is sick. Twisted. Headed Toward The End Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.

EDIT: I forgot to add my "issues" for this article. I got so pissed that I just inhaled a bag of M&M's and closed my computer down.

Issue 1: We're killing babies. We've stopped offering lame excuses (I was raped, its my fathers, etc). We've stopped pretending that fetuses are like a spleen-useless & expendable. We all know they're babies- sweet lovable, and infinitely unwanted by the lucky ones who conceive them-infinitely loved and treasured by others who can't.

Now, we just kill them. We claim we have the right to-its our body. Or we're too poor to have them-keep your friggin legs shut. Or we won't be able to raise them- give them to someone who can.

Issue 2: Most people don't care. Log on to the stupid site. You can "adopt" a dog in a shelter- "it doesn't matter what shelter they're in, its still a shelter". I love dogs- have several. But they aren't CHILDREN. Children need homes- advertise that!

Resolution: The world needs to stop being stupid and selfish. If every family that can afford a dog adopted 1 child, the world's orphan problem would be resolved. If every family that can afford 2 cars one of which is an SUV, or 2 cars and a ATV, would mentor a child in crisis, then a whole lot of the delinquents would be changed.

To close: You can't fix Zimbabwe today. You might not be able to fix it tomorrow. But you can make a difference. Maybe if all the religious extremists put their hands/bodies/wallets where their jihad-crazy mouths are, we'd have social change. Send a missionary-send yourself. Educate, contribute, support. Here's a warm fuzzy for the weekend:

Making a Difference

A well known author was vacationing on a beautiful coast. One morning, very early, he was walking along the beach.

In the distance he saw a lone figure dancing. Fascinated by this celebration of the dawn, he moved closer.It was then he realized that the young man was not dancing, but was picking objects up from the beach and tossing them out into the sea in on graceful movement. As he approached the young man, he saw that he was throwing starfish.

"Why in the world are you throwing starfish into the water?" he asked.

"If the starfish are still on the beach when the tide goes out and the sun rises higher in the sky, they will die," replied the young man as he continued tossing them out to sea.

"That's ridiculous! There are thousands of miles of beach and millions of starfish. You can't really believe that what you're doing could possibly make a difference?" the observer countered.

The young man picked up another star fish, paused thoughtfully and remarked as he tossed it out into the waves, "It makes a difference to this one."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Duh. Just plain duh.

Have you read this? Not that it comes as a surprise, of course, but still, you'd think this would have made mainstream news at some point!

Synopsis: Woman journalist sees ad in newspaper for concerned parents worried about school violence, etc. She notes that the "discussion" would take place at a local mosque. Hence, she decides to arrive early and see what she can discover.

What she learns: the men are meeting prior to the "discussion". The men speak in Arabic, and encourage mass violence/jihad. They ridicule American women, and plot to cause emotional trauma to innocent, unexpecting American travelers. That "session" ends, followed by Islamic women gently and lovingly explaining how their religion is just the opposite. Some of the same men participate in both.

Well, this confirms in most minds what most people suspect: the Islamic religion encourages violence and protest against Jews/Christians, etc. Duh. Double Duh. I guess I need to make a note here (since recent journalists etc aren't known for truthfulness) that the story is only as good as your trust in the author.

So here's my first question this week: How long exactly will we pretend to not understand that not all religions/religious sects are the same? (not the question you expected, but oh well) Second question: What, if anything, can and will we do about it?

First Issue: Are you scared of Buddhists? I'm not. They're known for avoiding causing any harm to anyone, correct? They don't step on bugs for pete's sake. C'mon. They mind their own business, peacefully gliding from display to display in Garden Ridge, all dressed in their red robes. My kids thought it was a bunch of mimes at first. (Apparently we don't get out enough). Point is though, no one runs from them. They don't have a history of chaos.

Jewish people (Whom I will point blank say, are God's Chosen. I believe God blesses this country because we protect them. Why do I believe this? Because the Bible says so. and unlike my mom saying that, I believe God!). Are you scared of Jewish people? I'm not. They have a nice community center here, an amazing nursing home (open to Christians too) and in general just mind their own business. They do the occasional festival/etc, which like the Greek orthodox church, generally has really neat food/dance/traditions. No complaints. Am I aware that some Jewish people overseas are not so "calm"? Duh. Show me an average American anybody who would allow people to take their home, desecrate their daddy's and momma's graves, and blow up their church- I dare you. Nobody here would stand for it either. You'd have turf wars that makes LA look like Sunny Acres petting zoo.

Catholics: Are you scared of Catholics? If you say yes I'm gonna laugh. I know nuns are very fierce teachers, but please watch Sound of Music. Where else can you go where they serve wine in church? Yeah. I thought so. How uptight could they possibly be? When's the last time you heard of Catholics going on a rampage? The only risk you have of violence is if you ate the infamous Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich.

Amish: Ever had your house broken into by the Amish? Been run off the road by a horse and buggy? Ever been cussed out at a farmer's market. Duh. Not gonna happen. They live and let live. Even if you try to take their pictures (which I haven't personally) they simply go inside and leave you alone. Ever come home from work to see that the Amish have tried to take over your neighborhood? Duh. Not part of their religion.

But some religions are a little more, how shall we say it, VIOLENT. Retaliatory. Aggressive.

In previous centuries, some religions stoned dissidents. Others burned them at the stake. Sacrifices were common. I even remember in the Bible some fights over a well, right? But does that happen today? Not often.

In the world we live in, with global communication, equal rights, and often even freedom, those things have become largely obsolete. Words fix a lot more than fists, typically. But certain religions, still mired in another century in terms of freedom, rights, and progress, still function in more violent and primitive ways. Tragic but true.

But in each religion, people may vary in what they do. We're all human. I don't believe all Scientologists are wacky, just because one sofa-jumping, baby-scanning, don't-believe-in-marriage-anymore one is. Same with any religion- typically the less orthodox practitioners are more worldly, more "westernized", less fanatical. The extremists (which can often be the majority) are just the opposite. So how do you know what lives two doors down? You don't.

Second Issue: What can we do about it? Very little without radical change. If you don't know who you can trust, what do you do? Some people propose death to all not just like us. (including the terrorists themselves-how many times do we need to hear the "death to america/infidels" crud?? We know you hate us, we're just not clear why) Is mass genocide the solution? Not unles you're Hitler. Killing those just like ourselves is the thought process of the stupid. The short-tempered, don't think before speaking group. It shows hopelessness and failure in their own abilities and beliefs and in their own god. (Notice I didn't capitalize that- my God doesn't advocate me taking judgement on anyone)

Again: Killing people who aren't just like you is stupid. 'Nuff said.

Another popular theory- we can stop terrorism by exporting all immigrants. Well that's just genius. Define immigrant. The religion of Islam is followed by black/white/arab/asian. Just how are you planning on determining the terrorists? If you exported all immigrants, it would drastically impact our economy. Our housing. Our financial infrastructure (lost tax dollars). Our medical system (doctors). Our secondary education (math/science professors).

And what would you do for all of the children of immigrants? They're American citizens, but they may or may not believe like their parents. (Chances are, they do. At least in some ways). If you didn't have terrorism before, imagine the anger and horrible results that will come from sending parents away from adult children, or exiling American born children to 3rd world countries. If they weren't planning to bomb the USA, they would be then!

Another popular option: Concentrating them like the Japanese were during the war. Again, just brilliant. Haven't we determined the worst thing you can do to a group of people is strip them of all belongings and dignity, herd them together in sub-human conditions like farm animals and rob them of the right to life? Duh.

Then there's the thought that if you imprison/kill the leaders of the chaos, then you'll stop the whole movement. Wow, that's been so not successful. Did the Nazis go away when Hitler died? Did the Crips stop existing when their leader was jailed? Did Christians stop believing when Jesus was crucified? Did African-Americans stop fighting for justice when MLK Jr

Dead/imprisoned leaders become martyrs. As in "energizing the cause". Period.

So why do we keep pretending that we're all getting along? Why pretend that we believe that most Muslims don't have animosity? Why pretend most Christians are loving and forgiving? Face reality.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Whatever happened to just writing "slut" on the bathroom wall?

As though we needed more proof of society's decay, now we have this:

Amazing, isn't it? But it isn't overly shocking, is it? I mean, for pete's sake, turn on the television any night of the week and you'll find at least half a dozen law/crime tv shows detailing the gory aspects of murder and the ways to conceal them. Nothing like a play-by-play instruction manual live on your tv set, is it? Try the web- search for "ways to get rid of a body" and I'm sure you'll find at least 2o proposed in sick humor or serious maliciousness.

It's ironic, isn't it. We, as parents/responsible adults/guardians/neighbors, or teachers/doctors/lawyers, know the power of the visual media. As our kids are infants, we carefully purchase Baby Einstein DVDs, or turn on Dora, so our children can improve their IQ or learn Spanish. We select amazing computer games to occupy their time and creatively teach them the skills we know they won't master in public school. We KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, the power of the images we allow in our minds. Everyone remembers being told at least once "garbage in, then garbage out." Duh, common sense.

So, two main issues come to light as we seek a logical explanation for the growing number of violent acts perpetrated by teens and children. First issue: What's causing this phenomemon of teen/childhood violence? Second issue: Why is that cause being allowed to continue?

First Issue: Children/teens are more violent for two reasons: they are exposed to more violence in their home enviroments and in their recreational activities for longer periods and at younger ages AND instead of having those violent games/tv shows/human influences removed from their lives, and then the children being taught kindness and ways to solve problems using words instead of murder, the children are instead being medicated and forced to endure the highs/lows consistent with a drug addict's life journey. Don't believe me?

Do you know the side effects and long term damage of the most commonly prescribed childhood psychotropic medications? No? Wait, does the government know those? Has the USA-FDA studied these side effects/long term damage in children/teens? NOOOOOOOOO. But do doctors continue to prescribe them? Duh.

What we do know: several common anti-psychotic (as in for schizophrenia) adult drugs are used in children to treat ADD/ADHD. Why? Because some guy decided they achieved the result he wanted- children that sat still for class. Has it been studied? No. And it probably won't be, because then they might find out that it tragically alters kids' body chemistry, forever damaging their developing neurological systems.

So a drug works for a while on a child. Then it stops working. What happens? Time to play switcharoo, giving the child yet another med until it stops working. And the child never learns self-control, or appropriate responses. All problems are because of the "meds being off" and the solution is always more meds. Parents, why are you doing this to your children? JUST SAY NO! The truth is, very few children are actually chemically imbalanced and need these medications. Chances are, your Joey/Julie isn't one of them.

So what's the solution? Stink if I know. I would suggest a few things, but that brings me to my SECOND ISSUE.

Second Issue: Why is the cause of increased childhood/teen violence being allowed to continue?

Because most parents are lazy, unconcerned and selfish and allow and encourage and beg the government and major businesses to raise their children for them.


(Before I begin, if any of the following circumstances apply to you, please know you are not included in the description below: single parent because of rape or widowhood; not a single parent but the other parent is incapicated due to illness such as cancer, MS, etc; single parent because of accepting guardianship as a last ditch effort to save your sibling/offsprings' children)

Point #1: Don't whine to me that you're a single mom, especially if you were never married in the first place. Nobody told you to have sex and get pregnant by a man you knew wasn't committed to you. You wanted this child, now do right by him!

Point #2: You as a parent don't have any "rights". Just cause you work all day does not mean you don't have to work when you come home. Be A PARENT, not a friend. Don't park your large behind on the couch and watch trash television and drink a beer, then gripe and moan that you can't control your kid doing the same dadgum thing!

Point #3: Parenting is a 24/7 occupation, for a minimum of 18 yrs. Cope. You want your kid to turn out great, then act right. Trust me, she'll do what you do. If you're letting men come over, she will too. If you're not opposed to a little 5-finger-discount at the wal-mart, neither will he. When she comes up preggie or he gets a robbery charge, don't tell the tv reporter "I never saw it coming, he/she was so good, this is bogus, We set up by the police!" Whatever. Just, whatever.

Fact: most parents (like my own) wanted to watch THEIR tv shows (violent/full of trash) and we kids were supposed to cope. Nowadays, the kids get shuffled off, because parents don't want to be bothered, or its a futile attempt to shield the child from inappropriate shows. So kids end up in their rooms on the net. Joy. Schools don't care- they're worried about No Child Left Behind costing them their jobs. Major companies benefit from the drugging industry- a medicated child will always need more meds, and the government gets kickbacks from that.

Poineer children worked their rumps off all day, stayed with their family and were taught morals and obedience and respect, and had minimal problems. Chances are what has changed since then in our society/culture is what has caused the increased chaos in our kids. When's the last time you heard of a bunch of Amish kids going nuts and having a school shooting?

Think, people. This really isn't that hard!